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super-clock-wallpaper-proTHIS IS A LIVE WALLPAPER – NEEDS ANDROID 2.1 OR ABOVE.


Super Clock Wallpaper Pro is the ultimate clock Live Wallpaper.

It’s the first Live Wallpaper completely designed for both smartphones and Tablets.

It displays Time, Date, your actual WiFi SSID (if available) and Battery status.

You have an amazing amount of customization settings, such as font appearance,color and size, shadow, custom backgrounds/color backgrounds and so much more!

It is studied to be featherweight and keeps your battery life safe!

Works with every display resolution!

With Super Clock Wallpaper you can unleash your creativity and give your phone a unique and personal look!


Here’s the main available features:

-Clock position
-Hour/Date/Indicators Size
-More than 30 amazing Fonts
-Hide Text in Lockscreen
-Font Color
-Font Shadow
-Gradient Layer
-Color Background
-Custom Background
-Animations when sliding through homescreens (only on home launchers that support this feature)
-WiFi SSID (togglable)
-Battery Status (togglable)
-Alpha transparencies/opacities
-Full-featured color picker
-Android 3.0 Honeycomb Full Support
-Hardware Acceleration for Honeycomb

..and much more!!!


The Clock is displayed in English, French, German, Italian, Portoguese and Spanish.

Discover Super Clock Wallpaper Pro, discover a new way to make your phone unique!


If you want more features, or find something that doesn’t look cool, write me an e-mail and I’ll do my best to improve the wallpaper for the next release!


***HOW TO USE: ******

1)To apply the wallpaper, follow these steps:

Tap your homescreen -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers -> Super Clock Wallpaper Pro

2)To set a custom background:

-In Super Clock Wallpaper Settings, Click on Background Appearance
-Uncheck “Use Color Background”
-Click “Set Custom Background” and choose your desired background!

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Recent changes:
*New Amazing Fonts: Tulpen, Montez, Monoton
*New Option for High-Quality Performance(60fps)
*Various Bug Fixes and Performance increase

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super-clock-wallpaper-proRating: ★★★★☆ Cost: $0.91

Install Super Clock Wallpaper Pro using a Barcode Scanner from your Android phone



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crazy-fish-live-wallpaper-freeThis is one of the craziest underwater game live wallpaper you have seen.

Colorful fish swims among tropical coral reefs. Crazy fish, the fear of the ocean, hunts fishes smaller than him and try to avoid the bigger predator fishes. As he eats he grows, making him the most lethal predator in the sea, except for the shark of course.

This is live wallpaper and a game. You can easily start new turns by pressing the start game button. With challenging game play and a multitude of prey you will be entertained for hours. The game mode can be deactivated in which case it becomes a regular live wallpaper. You also have a lot of customizable settings.

Crazy Live Wallpaper Game Offers:

* Light on battery
* Set FPS to optimize battery performance
* Activate/deactivate Game Mode
* Two great themes
* Enable/disable sounds-effects during game-play
* A high-score list
* Hours of fun!
* And…Much more

FREE VERSION NOTES: This is a free version where Live Wallpaper settings are fewer. We have included ads to support the development. The number of games you can play is limited. New games can be loaded by visiting the ad-banner in the live wallpaper settings.

For unlimited games and no advertisement, please buy the full version! You will love it!


If you have any problems with this app, please give us feedback. If you like this app, please give us feedback as well. Whenever we can improve this app, we will!


Live wallpapers are set similar to a background and won’t show in the application list. Search for “Set Live Wallpaper Android” for proper instructions. If it does not download, try again at a later time. Android Market can at times be slow which has nothing to do with this live wallpaper.

Recent changes:
V 1.03

* Smoother Animations
* Improved Game Engine

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crazy-fish-live-wallpaper-freeRating: ★★★★½ Cost:free

Install Crazy Fish Live Wallpaper Free using a Barcode Scanner from your Android phone


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Valentine-Rink-Live-WallpaperCelebrate your very own Valentine’s Day! Add a tint of Love to your Android home screen!

Enchanted characters are gliding along a festive Ice Rink. Its Ice is created from magical water. It can reflect real Love and send it back multiplied.

Supports both phones and tablets.

* Two character sets
* Three background scenery themes
* Interactive: tap to speed up characters

Recent changes:
- Added a new character set and refreshed the old one
- Added flying lanterns
- Added two new background scenery themes

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Valentine-Rink-Live-WallpaperRating: ★★★★½ Cost:free

Install Valentine Rink Live Wallpaper using a Barcode Scanner from your Android phone


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