4 secret features of the Google Play Store app – You should know them

Nowadays every mobile phone users are using the smartphone in the world. There are a lot of smartphone OS such as Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian and more others. Among these smartphone users, most of them are like to buy Android OS smartphone. Though the Android is widely used the iOS is the most popular and attractive OS todays. iPhone is very highly priced smart device. As a result, peoples are fall on the Android devices. Though the iPhone & the Android phone both are same there are some free features is available on the Android. The main free feature is there are a million of Android apps has already stored in the Google Play Store for free install. Here are four secret tips for the Google Play Store users.

The Android user who download the Android apps from Google Play Store, they should have sufficient knowledge of the four subjects below. You do not learn or heard these secrete features before today!

4 Secret Tips of Google Play Store Application

It is impossible to update existing installed apps without the Google Play Store. But are you know? there are some awesome or hidden facilities available in the Play Store application. Which many users are probably not aware. But I know that if you are an advanced Android user, you may be already informed or find out these features. Today I’ll talk about the four hidden features of your Google Play Store, which you might find useful. Some useful Android tools for you.

1. Stop the Adult Application suggestion

It is the first and best-hidden feature of the Play Store app. This is a parental or familial play store app suggestion controlling feature. Average more than 25% Android users are under 18 years and, also we have some elder or younger sister or brother who use our smartphone for playing games or listing music. Sometimes also our parents/child use our Android for occasionally.

In the Play Store, a lot of semi-porn (18+) type apps are uploaded, which will look good in taste for the porn-addicted users. But these apps are very disgusting for while your family members are seen in your play store account. Because play store is automatically suggesting apps. It depends on your previous app searching and installing. So that is not adjustable with our younger or elder persons in our family. And, we are do not want to give these sexy apps to our relatives hands.

Do you know? the play store authority helps you to cover this semi-porn type app. This special advantage is named as parental control. Backup apps with the AppBackup app.

After enabling the parental control option no one can see the adult content apps in your play store account till you do not disable the parental control option. Save your child from the nudity of such kinds of sexual apps.

How to enable parent control in Google Play Store?

For enabling the parent control option, firstly open the play store application from your Android phone and then go the settings by clicking on the settings (range icon) button

parent control enable settings

See on the second screenshot. Your google play store’s Parental controls are off. You need turn on it from this settings. Tap on the option of enabling.

play store parental control PIN

Set a PIN to get turned-on the parental option to enjoy this play store secrete features. You need to remember this PIN latter when you will disable the parental control.

play store app sugesstion age

Use under than 18 years like 3+, 7+, 12+ or 16+ you need according to your family members age. But do not select the 18+. Finally, click on the SAVE.

2. Disable Auto Update Apps when you are in data connection

Apps have frequently downloaded an update to ensure that your area updated apps user. But you need to save your data to reduce your mobile data cost. And, you want to update your all applications when you are connected to a WiFi network. These settings are also available too in the Google Play Store apps. Here are the instructions for you:

Open Google Play Store App>Settings>Auto Update Apps>Auto Update Apps over WiFi only>Save

Now your apps cannot download update files when you are in a data connection. Play Store app will give permit apps only when you are in a WiFi internet connection.

3. Prevent automatically home screen app shortcut creation

After installing an app on Android, sometimes some apps are automatically creating shortcuts at Android home page. But we don’t need to add a shortcut icon on our home screen. You can prevent this feature by setting on Play Store. Again open the Play Store app on your Android. Open settings option by tapping on the left corner and remove the tick mark from the Add Icons To Home Screen option from the settings. From now each time when a user is loads any apps, the apps can not enable to make a home screen shortcut for the newly installed app. Lock Android Applications into an excellent app.

4. Update Google Play Store

We download Android applications from the only and one trusted source named Play Store. But don’t forget it that the Play Store is also an Android application. The Android’s authorized authority also release the updated version the Play Store app. So it wants to update itself.

Whoever this app is normally auto update itself. But some old model Android phone’s Play Store app can’t able to download updates for itself. So you need to manually update him.

So, open Google Play Store Application>go to Settings>One tap on the Play Store version option

If your app is very old and not updated, It will inform you of this message:

A new version of Google Play Store is available, click update to download the updates.

If your apps are updated then it will inform your this message:

A new version of Google Play Store will be downloaded and installed

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