Android File Manager APK Review

Android File Manager is the most wonderful file manager top Android application. This app is released in the last year. Simplicity is the best features of Android file manager apps. Now file management is super easy for the Android users. Very easy to find out saved files and managing them. Every file is arranged with various sort method like short by name, date, type, modified. Folder icons are amazing. Also, the several category files have different icon. Explore a hassle-free simple Android life with this file manager. Every file is easy to manage. So you should install Android File Manager APK on your Android as soon as possible.

What’s are wondering about Android File Manager APK

#1. Procure needed file is the most wonderful wondering! this app will help you to find the all kinds of files easily. Copy, Paste, Move, Cut and saving downloaded files from the Internet is wonderful can be done.

Android file manager Features

File manager review

#2. It will fill almost all of your ambitions from a gorgeous file manager. One click open videos from the file manager with your choosable video watching application or media player. Even can set the default media player for the file manager. Every time when you open a video from the file manager APK, the player you have already selected as a default, it will automatically open with the player in one click just.

#3. Awesome File Shelf for your Android. Decorate any files like images, audios, videos, docs, zip etc in shelf-wise as you choose.

#4. Best for the Root Android user!. Root Android users are the top class or advanced Android user. They need a super beneficiary best Android file manager app. This app will satisfy them. First of all, the Root Android user can manage their Root Android files. Re-arrange the root folders too!

#5. Is your Android support USB 2.0 pen drive? This app is good for the pen drive files browsing from Android. Also supported the Windows FAT/FAT32 files. Read, Write, browser pen drive from your Android via Android File Manager APK. To use this features, you need to root your Android via this app KingRoot.

#6. The best solution for FTP server connectivity from Android. Mark single file or mark several/mark all files in a folder and send via all the connectivity tools from your phone to other devices.

#7. Edit various files with these extensions: doc, HTM, HTML, XHTML, HTML and Text files. This function is one of the unique features of the Android File Manager application.

#8. No need to install extra app backup apps. This file manager app can save or backup the APK files from your list of installed apps on your Android. Also, save backups in the schedule based. Save the backup files in any memory like external or internal.

#9. Directly share files (picture, audio, videos)  from your file manager on the Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc. But you need firstly install the apps for sharing.

#10. Keep safe your files from your enemies. Set a hard password to open the file manager. This password will protect the unwanted persons who try to browse your files.

These were the Android File manager APK review. Above 10 reviews are helpful and useful features of the file manager app. So we listed them in our review. Suggest your friends install Android file manager on their phone, before reading this review. Inspired us by sharing this review on your social walls.

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