AppLock Android Application Download + Practical Review

Looking for giving more security to private applications on your mobile? AppLock is the best and most downloaded Android Apps. Already done 100,000,000+ installs from the Google Play Store only. AppLock installed user will get a personal vault folder for hiding and locking their private files (videos, JPG, audio, documents etc) to protect their privacy from friends or other people. Browsing privately and anonymously with browsing one more Facebook or Twitter account.

AppLock App is the best and number one Android application locker on this planet. 350 million plus Android user download AppLock. Also, they are now using the application. Are you don’t know English? What is your language? Arabic, Bangla, English, Urdu, or Hindi? No mention…. more than 35 languages are supported in the AppLock Apps. So friendly for your mother language.

The AppLock Android Application can hide and lock any application you need. It can lock also various Settings, Social Apps, Utility Apps, Games, Browsers with settings and bookmarks, Connecting/Communication apps, Video players, Productivity Apps, Gallery Images and Videos, Multimedia files and all other you have needed.

If first time open, you need set a password for next time vault opening. In the vault folder, reserved gallery items for hiding or password protection locking. Lock your private moment’s photos or videos, excel files or MS word files all everything in one click with password protection. Without the PIN, no one can find out your locked files.

AppLock has a built-in internet browser. The browser has A to Z browser features like private browsing or incognito browsing, Save bookmarks, Delete history, Clean cash, and cookies. There is a private social network session available for social network sign up and log in. Use your private social IDs with the AppLock Android application. That means you now lock your online social activities.

Private browsing will give the facilities for anonymous browsing with no browsing history or cache. So log in your multiple social network accounts with 100% privacy-protective.

Trusted Features of AppLock Android Application

Save yourself from tracking by guardians, friends, teachers, even parents! If you have the latest version model Android phone, so your friends surely interested to your new Android phone and request you to use your phone for few hours. Friend can’t check out your browsing history, Chat history, social activities, personal files, and folders; If you have already installed the AppLock and proper use the AppLock application to protect your personal files.

There are many positive features are delighted you now. In the recent update, the AppLock developer brings out the great features for Android users.

Are you parents? Have you kids? worried about your kids for flashing your adults? Lock every file you need to hide from your kids. And, enjoy the fresh mode while your kids are kidding your phone!

AppLock is a free Android Apps but gives you the professional and premium privacy protection services always. Free features will give you private fantasy for your private photos, apps, videos, audios and all everything. Here are apps to backup your AppLock Apps.

Download AppLock Apps for Android

AppLock is a utility tool-based apps for Android. The Google Play Store is the only trusted source for Download AppLock apps. There are a lot of APK file is available on the web. But all the Android experts are always suggested to download every app for your Android from only the Google Play Store. You should see this screenshot before download.

AppLock download for Android

How to download AppLock Apps from Desktop?

Open any internet browser and go to the Google Play Store. Search the AppLock App in the store. Find out the official and original logo of the AppLock. The original logo of AppLock is attached to this AppLock App Review.

See the completable message under the App description heading. If AppLock App is completable with your phone then click on the install. It will automatically install when you will log in with the same email from the Android phone’s Google Play app.

How to download AppLock from Android?

Open your Google Play app from Android. Search the apps you need. Click on the install/download button for the quick install. If your network is 4G or 3G the install will be done quickly. But 2G is not recommended. So go the place where available high-speed internet connection like 3G or 4G. Within few seconds it should be installed on your phone.

Related Common Questions For AppLock App

Q. Is it possible to change my password next time?

Ans: Yes, change your AppLock apps password at any time. But you need to put the old password to set up a new password.

Q. How to a user can open and re-open hidden AppLock?

Ans: Very easy for everytime open and re-open hidden AppLock App. Follow steps below:

Step I: Open Android default dial pad

Step II: Type Password you have entered for the first time when installing AppLock Application.

Step III: Now click on the Call Button.

Step IV: A browser will open and you need type domobile[dot]com/app lock in the URL bar, then hit Go.

Q: Can my friend or guardians remove AppLock from my Phone?

Ans: You to set some advanced settings to protect from uninstalling AppLock from your phone. As a result, no one can remove your AppLock app from the Android Phone. Your enemy can’t kill the process of AppLock ever.

Q: Can I disable Advanced protection settings anytime from AppLock?

Ans: If you don’t need the Advanced protection; you can disable it at any time also enable it in the next time.

Q: How to recover the password if I lost?

Ans: You need to install the latest version of the AppLock Apps. There is an option for you for recovering your password. Click forgot password link and then submit your private security questions answer. If you can able to give the security answer correctly then you can found an option for the set new password.

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