Best Top 10 Free Android Hacking APPS And Tools Of 2018

In 2018, there are a lot number of free tools available for hacking different Android Apps. Some gamers are searching always to get a lot of free games. Some chatting lovers are searching various communication app hacking tools/apps. As a trending TopAndroidApplication informing media website; we decided to share a lot number of free hacking tools. Also, there are some gorgeous paid hacking tools and apps enlisted.

Are Androids best and strongest device operation software? But why? The main causes for this popularity are its tons of free apps and features. Do you know that Android OS is an open source operating system? For this open source feature, this OS is now the most popular and powerful smartphone starter. Install apps you most like on your Android. Because almost all the apps are available for Android. Also, install apps from third-party companies and websites.

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We recommend that to see the full article. Maybe this will turn you to be a hacker 🙂 All the hacking tools and application is wonderful and handy to hacking. Probably you now ask me- are you crazy? 😉 Read the full article and see the way to prove yourself as a hacker.

Best 10 Hacking Tools and Apps for Android

We found more than 100+ tools and apps. But initially, we selected the only 30 of them. We research and check the capability of the tools and apps. Finally, we select the top 10s to them. But our research is not finished yet. So we share the top 5 tools and apps. And frequently we will update this collection.

1. AndroRAT

You are welcome to using Android RAT app. There is an apk file is available for installing on your Android to hack other android user’s sensitive information.

Have you heard the name of RAT virus? Recently an Android developer release the Android version of the RAT virus. It named AndroRAT. The main aim of this app is to steal the victims all kinds of information. And, the hacker will operate the phone easily. Hacker can delete any things from your ROM/SD card. Not only this. Also, he can steal your sensitive information like bank account pin number and your personal videos, audios, images and all everything.

2. AnDOSid

One kind of DOS attack. It can be on your website by DOS attacking from an Android phone! How amazing? Scott Herbert is the developer of this dangerous application for Android to push a website under the deadline. Basically, it attacks the website’s bandwidth and eating all amount of bandwidth within few minutes/hours. Finally, the website will get down for lack of available bandwidth. But We think it is not directly related to hacking. It is only a method to finishing all the bandwidth within few minutes.

3. WhatsApp Sniffer Official

Are you afraid to see the name of WhatsApp Sniffer? I’m sure you are afraid if you aware of the WhatsApp Sniffer. But if you do not hear the name. Now I will tell the description. For lake of time, I will describe a short summary of WhatsApp Sniffer. This app is only for hack WhatsApp account who using WhatsApp via WiFi only. Data connection WhatsApp user maybe safe from this app. Find out your targeted victim using which WiFi and connected to the same WiFi yourself. Now easily hack the WhatsApp users accounts and see the all chat history of them.

Good News:

Now we found the official WhatsApp Sniffer website. The organization is very careful with their customer. Peoples who are looking for hacking WhatsApp messenger’s user; they can try the official WhatsApp Sniffer apk file on their Android.

4. SpoofApp

For making a perfect spoof calling SpoofApp is best always. This app uses anonymous caller ID digits. As a result, call receiver cannot find you forever. It offered you for unlimited caller IDs. So you can change your caller id and call anonymously for free. Customize your caller number as your needs. You can also use a fake country code based caller id even! One of the gorgeous features is that recording conversion. I like the most the app for surprising my friends and family members.

5. APK Inspector

This an open source app for researching the codes of an APK file. To hack an application you need to research what kinds of codings are behind on an Android app. APK Inspector is worlds best Android application. It will help you to see all the codings. And, you can find out the bugs and chance of hack the app.

Last Part of the Article

We will continue our research and update this guide as soon as possible. Appreciate you for staying us. Give us your suggestion. I think above tools and apps are enough to increase you hacking knowledge.

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