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The “Trustlook Apps” organization has developed free tools for Application backup and restoring. The name of the apps is App Backup & Restore. Basically, this app is developed for the Android operating system devices. Apex Apps has paid the cost to develop this app. For this cost paid, Apex Apps is known as the sponsored and the real authority of the app backup and restore application. Download the Android tool from the Google Play store for easily install the APK file on your Android.

Download App Backup & Restore APK

Best Android tool for getting back up and safely save your installed apps. Awesome for restoring any installed apps easily. Save the backup APKs directly on the online permanent free or paid storage. Also can save the backup copy of apps in the internal, external storage of your Android. Install backup and restore apps and get a clean & spicy Android storage to make a speedy device.

The Trust Lab authority developed this utility as light, excellent, handy for users. This app is supported too for editing, extracting APK extension files for Android.

The powers of App backup and restore

Mark several or mark all for saving the backup APK file on the SD card or ROM, Online storage server etc. Helpful for getting more free space. Here is also an app for free calls.

This tool is best for avoiding the bothersome auto update of different apps. Some of the apps are download useless updates and eating the free spaces of memory. Prevent such kinds of Apps updates and save your ROM space for more performance.

Backup all apps on one tap also can restore option all apps on one tap. Receive and Send Apps you need for Android to Android. Make a customized storehouse locally. Lock your installed apps by hiding with AppLocker App.

You should expect from App Backup & Restore

Extract APK extension files by an awesome Apk Extractor and save the duplicate APK by exporting to the local memory.

Almost every app is always updated every month. So internal memory gets filled day by day. If you need to downgrade any apps to the older version, App Backup and Restore will help you. In this way, your can save the space of your internal memory.

App Backup & Restore Features

Phone slow? already done the factory reset? or need to do the factory reset? but afraid to reset your phone? Recover deleted apps as like before your phone factory reset by restoring with App backup and restore app’s APK installer.

Enjoy the exclusive own play store server. But you need to get backup of your every app. No need to the custom refreshing of backpacked apps. It will automatically revitalize your app backup folder.

If the old phone does not look good and user needs to change his old Android. But he is worried about his old installed applications. Because there are a lot of necessary apps is installed on the old phone. Do not worry about the operation. The application App backup and restore will help you for getting backup apps from the old phone and, transfer all apps to the new phone for install as like Google Play Store. But do not need to cost a single byte of data. Without the data plan or data costing you can install all the apps from old phone to the new phone easily! As a powerful Android app, we listed this app as a Top Android Application.

Features for wondering

Backup Restore every app to Local memory such as SD card or phone’s fixed memory default.

After installing app backup & restore you will be amazed to see that what an easy Backup & Restore to external SD card or in internal ROM.

Directly save your backup apps on the Sky Drive, Cloud Drive, Dropbox and any other online storage.

Also can save the older versions of any Apps on the SD card and online drive too!

Easily find out all the APK extension files in one folder. No need to find out an App’s Apk file by searching for the different drives-folders.

For the busy user; there is a good feature: busy user can enable the auto backup for daily, weekly, monthly etc. The backup application will automatically backup the schedule you like.

Some backup apps are unable to back up the running apps. But this app is also can easily backup your running apps too!

After importing new apps or APK file; it will auto refresh your APK folders.

Backup as your liked version of applications. It will give the version and update report of every app. So you can easily save any version as the backup.

Trustlook Apps help you to protect losing your best apps from Android. So Download App Backup & Restore for fully protect your every app on Android. You should know that The Apex Apps is the sponsor the App backup and restore apps. It is mandatory to inform you that, Please download every Android application only from the GPS (Google Play Store).

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