Download Imo Free video Calls and Chat Officially

Download Imo for Android. Because imo is unlimitedly free for you. Get access to join with your friends/partner within this application. Imo is like the other free calls and messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp messenger, chat, hike, Viber, Line, and Skype. But Imo is different from all the chat apps because. Do you know why? Because this app is only and single application who can make a video calls through the EDGE network even! This feature is the most amazing and palatable facilities of Imo free video calls and chat. Get Line from the official.

Unique way to Imo Download Officially

Here are unique ideas to download imo from your Android and iPhone. The best way to download from Android is Google Play Store. And, iTunes is the awesome option to get IMO in a quest way.

Imo For Android

download imo for installNeed imo install on Android? Get IMO for your Android from the web. The main features of IMO are: It is the best chat and messenger application for Android. The weight of the application as APK file is only 7megabytes. So very beneficiary to download for Android. Follow the steps to install on Android.

  1. Open your Play Store app
  2. Find out the Official IMO to install on your Android. Notebook: In the search result, you will see the beta version too. I think you should avoid the beta version. It is recommended.
  3. So now open the IMO from the Play store.
  4. Read the details in the description area and reviews by the readers.
  5. Now click on the Install button and get installed.

How to Use IMO?

Using functions are simple to use. Firstly, need to set an IMO profile. You need to open an account for IMO app. Create an account by using your mobile number. Select the country and then type your mobile number without the country code. Now, wait for few seconds. Normally it takes only 59seconds.

In these seconds you will find an SMS as the verification code. It may be automatically installed and verify your account. So you no need to put the code in the SMS. Now quickly set your profile picture and then you can set a nickname for your profile.

Progressive Way to make a call in IMO

Let’s go for making a call in imo. For the beginner making a call in imo, it could be hard. So TopAndroidApplication will share the guide on how to make a video call in imo. Firstly, make sure that your phone has a strong network signal. Through the app is able to create a call connection. By the way, now open the app from the app menu. Scan your contacts to find the imo users who have already saved on your contact list.

Sometimes it takes few minutes but doesn’t worry. It will perfectly scan your saved mobile numbers. If the numbers can’t scan or not viewing the imo user’s profile pic.

Restart your Android and open data connection. Then start the IMO app. Now it should be correctly working and you can call your friends.

Searching an IMO Friend

Tap on the search bar. And write your friends IMO number. Ask your friends about his number and type his SIM (Subscriber Identity Mobile) account and press “Search”. Now, wait for a result. If your friend has a valid account on the searched number; You can add him as your friend on the friend list.

Android specialists are highly recommended for download imo free video calls and chat for instant messaging. This app is the top Android app. But also helpful for iPhone and Windows mobile/PC too. I think this suggestion will help you to install Imo on your mobile. If any problem, feel free to ask us.

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